How to maintain the storage rack

2023-10-26 80

The maintenance of storage racks can be started from the following aspects:

Keep dry: Storage racks need to be kept dry to avoid prolonged exposure to damp environments to prevent rusting and deformation.

Regular cleaning: Regularly wipe the shelf with a clean soft cloth to keep its surface clean and smooth, while also avoiding the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Avoid heavy pressure: The load-bearing capacity of the storage rack is limited, so do not place heavy items on it to avoid damage to the storage rack.


Avoid contact with acid-base substances: Shelves need to avoid contact with acid-base substances such as cleaning agents, soap, etc. to prevent corrosion.

Regular lubrication: If the moving part of the shelf needs lubrication, a small amount of lubricating oil can be used to maintain its normal operation.

Avoiding impact: The storage rack needs to be protected from impact to prevent deformation and damage.

Sorting and placing: Sorting and placing items on shelves can avoid confusion and stacking, while also allowing for better display of items.

Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the connections and load-bearing parts of the storage rack. If there is any looseness or damage, it needs to be repaired and replaced in a timely manner.

In short, the maintenance of storage racks requires regular cleaning, keeping them dry, avoiding heavy pressure, avoiding contact with acidic or alkaline substances, regular lubrication, avoiding collisions, classified placement, and regular inspections. Only with proper maintenance can its service life be extended and its aesthetics be maintained.